A brief introduction to the car stereo modification

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A brief introduction to the car stereo modification

Writers sometimes mistakenly assume that the reader already knows a lot and then jump on the fundamentals. For this reason, some people have difficulty understanding the reasons for the installation of speakers in specific positions in the car, for example, or because a woofer works best in ain particular the type and size of the plant.

Most people find it embarrassing to admit that they do not understand something, assume everyone else knows. The truth is that there are probably many others of the same group that would like to ask the same question. Here I will give an overview of the basics of the topic and briefly discuss how these bases in the world of car audio application.

It is not a comprehensive guide to sound, because we want to get to sleep! If youI want to know more about sound and the principles of sound hi-fi, there are many good books on the subject.

So what is healthy? The sound is caused by air movement. If a large wooden panel vibrates, in addition to the air to push on. If the vibration is slow then the air moves out of the way, but the increased frequency of some of a few dozen to tens of thousands of trips per second, air can not move out of the way too fastenough, and then compresses, pushing the panel on.

The air, the natural elasticity comes into play. As the panel in its original position, the air becomes less dense as it fills the void in front of the blackboard. The rate will be produced by the "waves" is called "frequency" and is "cycles per second measured.

Imagine a bathtub full of water.

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If your hand in water and move slowly back and forth, not much happened — the water simply flows down the sides of your hand. But if you move your hand very quickly, water will not have time to leave the road and create a wave in the bathtub.

Soon the water flowing on the edges of the tub and soak the carpet. If you use somethinglarger than a hand to the water, how to move a dish, you could move the water to overflow, without taking his hand as fast as before.

Air reacts the same way. You are probably a step forward for me now, but this is because tiny woofer and tweeter are very large. In order to reproduce high frequencies, move the cone or dome be very fast. The small and lightweight it is, the easier it is for the amplifier to control it.

We will contact you later to come. Pressure waves Sound waves travel at a fixed speed of about meters per second actually the air temperature influences the speed correct, but we should not worry too much.

If one considers the frequency the number of waves per second we know, we can calculate the distance between corresponding points in successive waves — in other words, May we limit the length of a wave, or a measure of the "wavelength". Sound,has a frequency of Hz has a wavelength of one foot.

The sound of Hz have a wavelength of six inches, and a tone with a frequency of Hz will have a wavelength of two feet. The notes of the scale represent sounds only at certain frequencies. East has a piano, for example, Hz with a wavelength of 2ft 6in.

A brief introduction to the car stereo modification

In the case of a church organ or electronic synthesizer may be possible for an A, four octaves below middle is R. These play an important or very low"Basic" frequency additional frequencies or "harmonics" will of course be added, giving each instrument its unique sound of In literally the other end of the scale, an A played three octaves above middle A has a frequency of Hz and a wavelength of only 3.

The soundboard aPlan and the large pipes of an organ capable of producing large wavelengths, which means that the lower frequencies.

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Similarly, a inch diameter subwoofer is designed to provide deep bass. If we ignore for a moment the mechanical limits, there is nothing to stop a good 6-inch mid-woofer to reproduce very low frequencies. Can move in cycles per second needed, but its size means that can only be a certain amount of air displacement in each loop.

May cause very lowFrequencies, but only at very low levels. This brings us back to the analogy of the hand and the pot full of water bath. The area of a inch subwoofer is like a plate, capable of moving enough air in a loop, rattling around a pressure wave in the position of the window in the house on the opposite side to produce!

Imaging and phase … the illusion of reality If you are installing car stereo hi-fi at home or when we try toplay a very complex pattern of sound waves in an environment that is very different from that in which the instruments and voices were recorded. We seek not only exactly new sounds of various instruments and singers, but their positions on a stage.

This is often called "imaging" or "image of the stage.Buick (/ ˈ b juː ɪ k /), formally the Buick Motor Division, is an automobile brand of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM). It has the distinction of being the oldest active American marque of automobile, and was the company that established General Motors in Before the establishment of General Motors, GM founder William C.

Durant had served as Buick's general manager and. Hoboken, New Jersey.

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The need to connect the low-lying lands of central Hoboken with residential areas atop the Pallisades was an excellent application of cable traction. Jul 29,  · What is classified as modification on a car for insurance purposes? I have put items on to my car which are fitted to the better models of car in the same range.

I have informed my insurance but want to add more and dont want insurance to go up. Replacement stereo system of similar value to original Reupholstering the car with Status: Resolved.

If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade. Aug 01,  · Introduction to Car Audio System Design, stereo imaging and staging August 1, systemmechanic Although many car audio enthusiasts who already have a good understanding of how sounds are produced, you should start a tutorial, without covering the basics of its subject.

technical document has described the use of RCA cables to connect components of a car stereo system. There is a good reason fo r using RCA cables - it is a good way to transmit an audio signal to the next audio component such as an amplifier, clean of prev ious - Car Audio Basics.

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