Business writing new years wishes for 2014

We just hit 1. It did not happen fast. Mindvalley took nine years to build. Some years were fun.

Business writing new years wishes for 2014

Authority Traffic and Income Report 4 [Apr. A major reason for this income breakthrough was due to the success of the book Habit Stacking. The end result was my overall Kindle income decreased as well: The reduced sales on Habit Stacking is only one piece of the puzzle. So when the one book dropped, the others experienced the same trajectory.

Like I said in the last update, Habit Stacking has been shredded in the reviews. While I love the concept—I have to admit to myself that the quality was nowhere near what it could have been.

She starts with the obvious that most of us know about self-publishing.

business writing new years wishes for 2014

With any title, you want to create an eBook, print version and audiobook. Most authors know this information and should already do this. After that, the math gets really interesting. Take each book and multiply it by all the possible languages. Now take this number and calculate it by all the books in your catalog.

As an example, I currently have 14 titles in my habits catalog. Throw in a print version and audiobook version for each and this number goes up to pieces of content for sale on the Interwebs. Obviously, this is an oversimplification on my part.

But, the key point here is to start thinking of the world market instead of a few markets on Amazon.

For the third quarter, I put the foreign rights theory into practice, doing everything in typical Steve Scott fashion—trying a bunch of things and making lots of mistakes. Native speakers will translate your book for free and BabelCube will market the book through a number of online retailers.

In exchange, you give exclusive rights for that book in that language and a percentage of the earnings. Working directly with foreign publishing companies and negotiating a deal for a direct translation.

This works similarly to a traditionally published deal—you get an advance and a contract for a percentage of the net earnings.

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This is a veeeerrrrry long process where you sign something, wait a few weeks, sign something else and eventually…four months later, you get a wire transfer deposited into your back account. Not bad for dealing with a little bit of paperwork.

Working with an agent to negotiate on your behalf. But this experience has taught me the value of working with a professional who understands the intricacies of foreign rights publishing. Another thing I learned from Joanna Penn is knowing when to partner with someone who can provide both translation and some basic marketing in their home country.

The mistake I made was to gloss over step 3—locate affiliate products. Most personal development courses talk about nebulous topics like happiness or The Law of Attraction. Now I have a few quality offers to send my email list whenever there is a lull between book promotions.

In my opinion, there are two keys to making affiliate marketing work as a Kindle publisher: Make sure each product directly relates to your book audience. Your job is to build an audience around books, not to pitch every offer that comes your way. As an example, I promoted Sticky Habits in July and it took until October to promote a different offer i.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement your income. In fact, I was in the middle of the Dolomites mountain range when I received a bunch of frantic emails asking my opinion on Kindle Unlimited.

Initially I was positive about this program, but now I have some doubts. Then, Kindle Unlimited launched on July 19th. Finally, I compared the two numbers: Anyone could make the argument that the decrease in book sales could be caused by other factors like: More time in the marketplace, negative reviews or increased competition.

business writing new years wishes for 2014

But I feel like the launch of Kindle Unlimited definitely negatively affects these numbers. Even the visitor duration and bounce rate stayed static.Jul 20,  · ~~ Farewell Letter ~~ Writing a farewell letter when you are resigning from a company that you have been working for years is an elegant way to say good bye.

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Dec 31,  · Happy New Year wishes for you all and a sincere Thank You from all of us at Microsoft Instead of writing out all of my wishes and New Year’s message for you in a blog post, I wanted to share with you directly, in a video message from me to you.

Please take a few moments and click the video below to watch it here. On our page about business letter writing phrases we listed the rules for when to use Yours sincerely and Yours a few users of the site have asked if there are any similar rules for writing .

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