Define self esteem including contingencies of self worth

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Define self esteem including contingencies of self worth

Contingencies of Self-Worth CSW Scale Background Our measure focuses on seven domains hypothesized to be important internal and external sources of self-esteem in previous research and theory: Although research using this measure is still in its early stages, the research we have conducted to date points to some conclusions.

Our studies suggest that contingent self-worth is domain-specific. In contrast to researchers who emphasize between-person differences in whether self-esteem is contingent or noncontingent e.

In support of this conclusion, confirmatory factor analyses revealed that a seven-factor model, rather than a one-factor model of contingent self-worth, provided a good fit to the data. Correlations among the contingencies of self-worth suggest that they fall on a continuum from internal to external.

Correlations with other measures, such as neuroticism, self-esteem, and narcissism, differ by subscale, with more external contingencies related negatively to well-being and internal contingencies unrelated or even positively related to well-being.

Finally, the subscales of the CSW scale predict different behaviors. For example, the academic contingency predicts the number of hours students report studying each week, whereas the appearance contingency predicts the number of hours they report exercising, shopping for clothes, and grooming.

These results have important implications for the use of the CSW scale. First, instead of summing scores across the various subscales, we recommend including specific subscales of theoretical interest in research and data analysis, because collapsing across domains could, for example, obscure the effects of having self-worth based on external versus internal contingencies.

Second, in order to identify the unique effects of a particular contingency of self-worth, researchers should enter all contingencies into their analyses simultaneously.

Our research also suggests that contingencies of self-worth have self-regulatory consequences. Because it feels good to conclude that one is worthy, and feels bad to conclude that one is worthless, people are especially motivated to achieve success and avoid failure in domains on which self-worth is staked.

Consistent with this view, we found that contingencies of self-worth predicted how college students spent their time in their freshman year, as well as changes in activities from the first semester to the second semester.

Other contingencies, such as basing self-esteem on one's social identity e. Researchers with a theoretical interest in other contingencies of self-worth may wish to develop measures of them. Also, older adults may stake their self-esteem on different domains such as physical health, being a parent, or cognitive abilities.

One goal of current research in the Contingencies of Self-Worth Laboratory is development of a measure of contingencies of self-worth across the life span.

Define self esteem including contingencies of self worth

However, correlations with social desirability are small, suggesting that this is not a major concern. Evidence for the validity of the CSW scale would be strengthened by data showing that the effect of events in a domain on self-esteem depends on the degree to which self-esteem is contingent on that domain.

Our initial efforts to address this issue have focused on the Academic CSW. Several recent investigations provide strong evidence for the validity of the contingencies of self-worth scale.November 17, Professor Sheats Definitions Define self-esteem, including contingencies of self-worth.

When might the pursuit of self-esteem be harmful to individuals? When might threats to self-esteem be helpful? Self-Esteem refers to the evaluative component of self-concept (Baumeister, ; Coopersmith, ). The church has an obligation to see that all persons have access to needed pastoral and medical care and therapy in those circumstances that lead to loss of self-worth, suicidal despair, and/or the desire to seek physician-assisted suicide.

Define self-esteem, including contingencies of self-worth. When might the pursuit of self-esteem be harmful to individuals? When might threats to self-esteem be helpful? According to the chapter 9 of positive psychology, “Self-esteem refers to the evaluative component of self-concept.

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It is the feeling of self-worth and values that result when the self-judges itself. 1.

Define self esteem including contingencies of self worth

Extent to which people can create environments that allow them to excel in domains related to their specific contingencies of self-worth, they will enjoy elevated self-esteem and its potential benefits 2. It is important for people to base their sense of worth on performance in many domains 3.

Crocker and colleagues’ contingencies of self-worth framework (e.g., Crocker & Wolfe, ) contend that basing self-esteem on academic achievement outcomes can ultimately be deleterious to academic motivation. We argue that the importance of self-esteem lies in what people believe they need to be or do to have worth as a person.

These contingencies of self-worth are both sources of motivation and areas of psychological vulnerability. In domains of contingent self-worth, people pursue self-esteem by attempting to validate their abilities and qualities.

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