Dissertation abstracts educational management

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Dissertation abstracts educational management

How principals and teachers respond to states' accountability systems Author: Hyemi Lee Advisor: Susan Printy Since the s, many states have started implementing standards-based reforms and developed their own accountability systems.

Each state established academic content and performance standards, implemented test for all the students in grades 3 through 8 annually, and set up annual measurable objectives in reading and mathematics for districts, schools, and designated student subgroups within schools.

The combination of states' accountability policies, such as performance standards, high school graduation exit exams, and the difference of between starting points and intermediate goals, may lead to the varying strength of the accountability systems in different states.

Although several studies focused on whether these differences are related to students' achievement and teachers' instruction, little is known about how principals respond to accountability systems, although principals make a big difference Dissertation abstracts educational management teachers' instruction and students' academic outcomes.


Therefore, it may be necessary to find the relationship between the strength of the states' accountability policies and principals' responses and the relationship between the strength of the states' accountability systems and teachers' responses. The relationship between the strength of accountability systems the stats' proficiency performance standards, the difference of starting point and intermediate goals AMO strength in states, and the high school graduation exit exams and principals' responses having influence on instruction and facilitating teachers' learning were studied using 2-level hierarchical linear modeling HLM analysis based on SASS, and the relationship between the strength of accountability systems and teachers' responses teacher autonomy and their participation in professional development programs were examined using 3-level hierarchical linear modeling analysis based on the same data set.

The analysis of two level HLM found the negative effects of states' accountability systems on principals responses. AMO strength was negatively related to principals' influence on instruction, and the high school graduation exit exams negatively affected principals' support of professional days before and during the school year.

Dissertation Abstracts Educational Management

However, other states' accountability policies, the proficiency performance standards may not have any relationship with principals' influence on instruction and their facilitating teacher learning.

Principals' professional development programs and school climate were related to principals' responses to states' accountability systems. The findings of three level HLM showed that the proficiency performance standards increase teacher curriculum autonomy and their spending time for content professional development programs although AMOs strength and high school graduation school exit exams decreased them.

Principals were an essential factor for teacher autonomy and their participation in professional development. School physical features were effective on teacher curriculum autonomy and their content professional development programs, while school climate were critical on teacher instructional autonomy and teachers' spending time in classroom management.

The implications of the Free Primary Education for girls' educational opportunities in Kenya: A case study of girls attending public schools in Kisii district, Western Kenya Author: Sheba Onchiri Advisor: Christopher Dunbar Reforms aimed at meeting the Education for All EFA global initiative have been implemented in several developing countries in the recent past.

One of the goals of this global reform is to increase access to schools for girls and children from low-income families who are considered educationally marginalized due to socio-cultural and poverty related factors.

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Proponents of EFA initiative emphasize that the education of women and girls in particular is inextricably linked to delayed early marriages, reduction of maternal deaths, and prevention of unsafe sex and its related consequences.

It is on the backdrop of such global efforts that Kenya initiated the Free Primary Education FPE policy with the intent to increase access to schools for disadvantaged groups such as girls. This study sought to explore the implications of the FPE policy for girls' educational opportunities in Kenya.

Using a qualitative case study design, this study explored the schooling experiences of girls in one urban and one rural public primary school in Kisii district, Western Kenya.

The study sought to answer the following questions: What have been the schooling experiences of girls since ? How has FPE policy influenced girls' participation and achievement in public primary schools?

What factors inhibit girls' participation and achievement in schools? What factors enhance girls' participation and achievement in schools? Data for this study were collected for a period of two months using face-to-face open-ended interviews.

The respondents included two school principals both malestwo teachers both females and eight female students in two focus groups.

Dissertation abstracts educational management

Each focus group was composed of four girls. The findings indicate that because of the government removal of tuition fee and the provision of textbooks and writing materials, the Free Primary Education policy has improved the opportunities of girls' educational participation.ABSTRACT Title of Dissertation: THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON EDUCATION REFORM: A CASE STUDY OF UGANDA Jane C.

Millar Wood Doctor of Philosophy, EMIS Education Management Information System ERP Economic Recovery Program ESA Education Standards Agency ESIP Education Strategic Investment Plan.

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Below are the ASU EDL Doctoral Program Dissertation Titles. Each dissertation is available for check out at the ASU library. Exploration of 21st Century Skills Development Among Educators and Students Engaged in Online Collaborative Educational and Cultural Exchange Program: a Case Study of Us-Pakistan Online International Exchange Program.

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