Investigating the oral glucose tolearnce test

What is a glucose tolerance test?

Investigating the oral glucose tolearnce test

We will be using three rats and perform the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test to measure the glucose levels in the rats blood. The oral glucose tolerance test is a laboratory method to check how the body breaks down metabolizes blood sugar.

Glucose is the sugar that the body uses for energy. Patients with untreated diabetes have high blood glucose levels. Glucose tolerance tests are one of the tools used to diagnose diabetes. Hypothysis Materials ad Methods The independent project is a group project in which the class in split into groups of We selected our two drugs which were Glyberide and Insulin.

We discussed who would be doing what on the day of the project and how we would manage our time. I had to record all of the data that we received form our experiment and observe the behavior patterns that rats displayed inside their plastic restraint.

Omar was responsible for researching the affects of glucose; James was responsible for researching the affects of insulin, and Kirk and Jamie were responsible for researching the affects of glyberide. The materials that were used in the independent project were 3 male rats, one touch glucometer and strips, gloves, syringes, scissors, orange marker, plastic rat restraint, and a stop watch to conduct our project.

We selected three rats and marked their tails with orange sharpie in order to differentiate between the rats when we conduct the actual project. We weighted each of the rats to ensure we give accurate amounts of each drug.

Previous to selecting the rats, the food was removed form his cage for approximately 24 hours so the rats could undergo a fasting cycle. The three drugs we used were Glucose, Insulin, and Glyberide.

When determining how much of each drug to inject into the rats, we consulted our lab manual, the independent project handout, and Dr. Ezzeddine in order to ensure the correct amount injected into the lab rats.

This means that rat one was given 1. Rat 1 is the control rat so he will be injected with glucose only. Rat 2 will be given both insulin and glucose solutions. The insulin amount is usually determined by equation, weight of animals x 0. Ezzeddine to give the rat 0.

Rat 3 was given both a glucose solution and a glyburide solution. Their was no standard equation given to determine the amount of glyburinde given, but we were informed by Dr.Mar 20,  · An oral glucose tolerance test provides little benefit for the evaluation of fasting hypoglycemia.

Perform the test for 5 hours while simultaneously testing glucose and insulin levels.

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To be meaningful, low blood sugar (test should be accompanied by typical symptoms. Jan 01,  · Taking the Ulmus pumila seedlings from three different habitats (medium-, mild-, and non-saline soils) as test materials, an experiment was conducted to study their salt-tolerance thresholds and physiological characteristic under different levels (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 g X kg(-1)) of salt stress.

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Investigating the oral glucose tolearnce test

Investigating the Oral Glucose Tolearnce Test. Investigating the oral glucose tolerance test Aim: To carry out glucose tests on stimulated blood plasma samples if glucose is.

Oral glucose tolerance test. Your doctor has referred you to have an oral glucose tolerance test which is performed over a two hour period.

This is to establish whether or not you are developing diabetes, or whether your body has difficulty in using glucose (sugar) properly. We will take a sample of blood when you arrive in the unit. Investigating the Oral Glucose Tolearnce Test. Investigating the oral glucose tolerance test Rating: Essay Length: Words / 2 Pages.

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Investigating the oral glucose tolearnce test

All the signs and stories point. Jul 31,  · Glucose Oxidase and Its Various Uses Aaron Truong Since glucose oxidase has an end product called hydrogen peroxide, which is a harmful substance to bacteria, it can be used to fight bacteria, or sterilize objects (can have various uses such as .

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