Ios text field should begin editing services

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Ios text field should begin editing services

This document is no longer being updated. For the latest information about Apple SDKs, visit the documentation website. The iOS platform gives you many ways to display text in your apps and let users edit that text.

The resources at your disposal range from framework objects—such as text views, text fields, and web views—to text layout engines that you can use directly to draw, lay out, and otherwise manage text.

With the classes in the UIKit framework, you can manage the edit menu including adding custom items to itimplement custom input views, and copy, cut, and paste data within and between apps.

At a Glance Apps in iOS have a number of powerful technologies to handle text, both for editing text and for rendering high-quality typographically formatted text.

You can add and configure them programmatically or by using the Interface Builder editor in Xcode. An app can control which keyboard is presented; for example, for a numeric-value field, the app should select the numeric keypad. If the entered or edited text is obscured by the keyboard, the app should adjust the view displaying the text so that the text appears above the keyboard.

The delegate of a text view, text field, or web view is responsible for validating edited text and for accessing and storing edited text when the user dismisses the keyboard. If you need to customize the layout process or you need to intervene in that behavior, you can use Text Kit.

Text Kit is a set of classes and protocols that provide high-quality typographical services which enable apps to store, lay out, and display text with all the characteristics of fine typesetting, such as kerning, ligatures, line breaking, and justification. For most apps, you can use the high-level text display classes and Text Kit for all their text handling.

For smaller amounts of text and special needs requiring custom solutions, you can use alternate, lower level technologies, such as the programmatic interfaces from the Core Text, Core Graphics, and Core Animation frameworks as well as other APIs in UIKit itself.

To communicate directly with the text-input system of iOS, implement the UITextInput protocol and related protocols and classes. Your app can also make use of technologies for spell checking and regular expressions. Custom input views can replace the system keyboard to permit input of special data; input accessory views are a custom view above the system keyboard or custom input view that enables users to affect edited data in app-specific ways.

Using UIPasteboard and related classes, an app can copy, cut, and paste data within different locations of itself or between itself and another app. As part of copy-cut-paste operations, the user taps a command on an contextual edit menu; your app manages this menu and can add custom commands to it.

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To find out more about the Core Text framework, which is appropriate for developing higher-level text-handling frameworks, read Core Text Programming Guide and Core Text Reference Collection.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy Updated: Please try submitting your feedback later. Thank you for providing feedback! Your input helps improve our developer documentation. How helpful is this document?Before becoming the first responder, the text field calls its delegate’s text Field Should Begin Editing(_:) method.

Use that method to allow or prevent the editing of the text field’s contents. Use that method to allow or prevent the editing of the text field’s contents.

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ios text field should begin editing services

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