Market equilibration process paper

The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council ITRC has written a vapor-intrusion guideline document that is currently out for review and is due to be released in early

Market equilibration process paper

Stability and Noise Performance of Various Rubidium Standards Among the well-known time and frequency standards from Hewlett Packard and other vendors, the HP A rubidium vapor frequency standard offers the best medium-term frequency stability of any device that the casual or even hardcore "time nut" is likely to encounter.

To assess the performance of an HP A fairly, you need an H-maser.

Market equilibration process paper

Of course, no conventional rubidium-vapor clock can serve as a drift-free primary standard, so cesium-beam technology was in no danger of obsolescence when HP announced the A. But now, over forty years later, everyone has access to a perfectly usable if noisy primary standard in the form of cheap GPS-disciplined oscillators.

Unfortunately, well-sorted HP As are if anything even harder to find than working cesium standards. Someone who owns a good HP A is probably not interested in selling it. So it seemed like a good idea to compare the HP A's stability and noise performance to some of the "telecom grade" rubidium standards available from eBay, hamfests, and other venues.

As has long been the case with GPS clocks, the Asian surplus vendors on eBay are selling our own stuff back to us at, well, pretty darned reasonable prices.

They've become popular with experimenters and video bloggers. The LPROs have proven to be excellent performers.

Market equilibration process paper

Like many of the other small rubidium standards, they were designed for a long maintenance-free lifespan. Reports suggest that years is realistic. At least when tested with near-zero operating time, it looks like it may actually be competitive with the A I used as a reference in the tests.

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Explore audio highlights, further reading that will help you delve deeper into this week’s episode, and vigorous conversations in the form of our comments section below. Market Equilibration Process Paper Market equilibrium is the point in which industry offers goods at the price consumers will consume without creating a shortage or a surplus of goods.

Shortages drive up the cost of goods while surpluses drive the cost of goods down, .