Nursing profession transcultural nursing theory nursing essay

Health care professionals should be qualified to deliver, on a daily basis, proficient care and sensitive skilled communication to culturally different individuals Maier-Lorentz, The development of culture care theory introduced health care professionals into a new nursing dimension formed by issues such as culture background, spirituality, environment and others that demonstrated how culture and health care are linked Leininger, a.

Nursing profession transcultural nursing theory nursing essay

Nursing Autobiography I began my career in healthcare as a patient care technician PCT in a large hospital. Working throughout the hospital as a float PCT, I gained experience with a diverse group of patients on every unit in the hospital.

I eventually took a position in the ICU and stayed there for 5 years. I enjoyed caring for patients and began taking classes toward my nursing degree. After completing the LPN program, my career in nursing became earnest and more focused by the day. Starting in a long-term skilled care rehab facility and a dialysis unit, I returned to the same hospital I started in as a PCT and worked there for seven years as a staff nurse and later, an RN.

Eventually I became team leader of the cardio unit, and simultaneously completed my BSN. Once I completed my BSN, I began working in home healthcare as a case manager for a community hospice facility.

I am now working toward a MSN in education at South University and my goal is to teach new nurses in the cardiac setting, and preferably in coronary ICU. My nursing career reflects the importance of the Dreyfus Skill Acquisition Model.

Since my humble beginnings as a PCT, I now serve in a position of leadership and look forward to reaching a higher level of expertise in my career.

Four Metaparadigms The four metaparadigms of nursing undergird and underpin "the entire conceptual universe of the nursing profession," Johnson, n.

These metaparadigms are broad and flexible enough to allow for their application and understanding within several core nursing rubrics, including community nursing. As Schim, et al.

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The patient is reframed as a whole person, which is why the metaparadigm shifts the focus from "patient," suggesting that the person is viewed through the lens of his or her illness or precipitating conditions. By viewing the individual as a whole person, the nurse is better able to provide quality care.

In fact, Johnson n. Just as person broadens the concept of the patient, the metaparadigm of health expands the locus of healing.

The nurse does not need to project "absolute" concepts of health, and instead, works with the patient to cultivate a more personalized set of health-related goals and objectives that allow for cultural and personal specificity Johnson, n.

The metaparadigm of environment likewise expands the range of issues at stake in patient wellness.

Nursing profession transcultural nursing theory nursing essay

Taking into account a wide variety of variables that impact well-being, the nurse is in a better position to inspire change and healing. Finally, nursing itself is a core metaparadigm that is strongly linked to theories like caring.

The provision of care via evidence-based practice but also compassionate attitudes and behaviors comprises the duties of the nurse.

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Two Practice-Specific Concepts Two practice-specific concepts I would like to focus on include diversity and health promotion. Diversity refers to cultural diversity, but also to a diversity of worldviews and especially those related to health and healing.

Until fairly recently, cultural knowledge remained "largely unknown" and discredited among healthcare workers Leininger, However, ignorance of diversity detracts from patient care and can lead to unsafe incongruences between care delivery and patient needs, expectations, and goals.

Leininger therefore recognized culture as the "missing link in nursing knowledge and practice," p. When working in a diverse setting, nurses can work with their colleagues to promote cultural competency. Transcultural Nursing theory can enhance the productivity and harmoniousness of the workplace environment, as well as improve patient outcomes Leininger, Moreover, diversity in nursing promotes holistic care that converges with the four-pronged nursing metaparadigm in that it takes into account person, environment, health, and nursing care.Transcultural Caring and Human Caring Maureen Campos Helene Fuld College of Nursing Nursing Theory/ NUR December 8, Transcultural Caring and Human Caring Nursing theories are ideas organized into concepts and purposes used to guide the practice of nursing.

Purpose and goals of the transcultural nursing theory. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The combination of these systems creates the nursing profession which allows us to meet the cultural, spiritual, and physical needs of each individual.

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Nursing Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Nursing Essays Examples of Our Work Nursing. Application of Nursing Theory Leininger’s Transcultural Theory The practice of nursing in today’s multicultural societies calls for nurses to identify and meet the cultural needs of diverse groups of people; to understand the social and cultural reality of the client, family, and community; to develop expertise in the implementation of culturally acceptable .

Discuss Leininger’s transcultural nursing theory. Application of Transcultural Nursing Theory. Paper instructions: This assignment incorporates the knowledge, theory, research, population assessment, and reflection skills you have acquired to assess and apply Madeline Leininger’s transcultural nursing.

The most fundamental assumption of Leininger’s () transcultural nursing theory is that culture is a ‘missing link in nursing knowledge and practice,” as well as being a “wholistic concept” that is fully relevant to evidence-based nursing (Leininger, , p. ). The “Transcultural Nursing Theory”, with its emphasis on cultural sensitivity and cultural congruence, has its limitations.

Assuming that knowledge of different cultures will improve care and services, this falls short in accounting for the structural and political aspects of the inequalities of minority ethnic people.

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