Report writing annual sports day

Controversies[ edit ] There have been a number of controversies surrounding school sports days in recent years, many of which have been publicised by the media. The report also revealed that many schools have banned "mothers and fathers" races due to fighting and cheating. Since the mids, a number of schools and education authorities have banned photography and filming with video cameras at sports days and other school events. Some authorities cite general privacy issues as justification for the ban.

Report writing annual sports day

It is no doubt that Australia has achieved major milestones in development and successes in sports over the past several decades. Over this same time, many developments have taken place within domestic context and across the globe in regards to challenges and opportunities in sports.

These developments form the motivation for stakeholders in Australia to take necessary measures to ensure the success trend continue on its course.

Deliberate actions have been taken in the past including several inquiries and reports. Examples include the Oakley report and the inquiry into women in sport.

The government has also had several sports Acts reviewed in line with the need to enhance and sustain the progress. Reform is the key word in the area of sport management yet little has happened despite many suggestions and recommendations.

Many stakeholders agree that the best approach is to embrace a comprehensive system targeting all sports levels in Australia.

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The sport structure and stakeholders in Australia is quite elaborate and comprehensive. The organization comprises the Commission, Anti-doping authority and the division of Health and Aging.

The other stakeholders include government institutions and academies, sporting organizations, public and sports associations.

report writing annual sports day

These stakeholders are important in the management of sports individually and as an industry. Sport management is actually the learning and participation of people, organizations, and activities involved in assisting, advancing or organizing sport associated functions or products.

These structures and management have proved successful in the past, and hence they will play an influential role in shaping future sports management Dalypp.

report writing annual sports day

Despite the general success and improvement in sports, the focus targets specific segment of the Australian population as a complementary method to ensure sports success across all diversities.

Some of the targeted segments include women, disabled and indigenous communities. Sports play a key role in the lives of Australians. Through sports, different cultures and diversities from across Australia and the world meet and exchange their experiences.

Healthy lifestyle and discipline are an essential component in the society. Australia stands ahead of it equals or other developed nations in terms of controlling diseases and challenges that are attributed to an inactive physical lifestyle such as diabetes and obesity.

This happens through the incorporation of sport culture among the communities.

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Exercise through sports play a great role in enhancing preventative health. Despite the many successes, emerging and existing challenges continue to pose a significant concern to stakeholders in the industry. Mismanagement, inefficiencies and complacency are the current main threats to the success of sports in Australia.

Sport management Management of sport can take the form of four groups or clusters. The four clusters are information management, general management tasks, exercise and sport science and organizational management DeSensi et alp. The sport industry nature and scope can be defined by is type, setting and segment.

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The sport industry by setting comprise professional sport, college sport, private club sport, community recreation sport program, sport projects in social agencies, sport marketing and consulting companies and Amateur sport organizations. Others also include industrial sport programs, military sport programs, and developmental projects for sports, sports media and academic programs in sport administration.

The industry takes the form of traditional and new sports.Annual Day Celebration. Pavai College of Technology, Pavai Arts and Science College for women, Pavai College of Education and Pavai Teacher Training Institute celebrated their Annual Day on 10th March , in a grand manner in Ananda Arangam A/C of PAAVAI Campus.

PUNE: The annual sports day of the Hutchings high school was held on December 14 and 15 for the junior and senior students respectively. Events for the pre-primary and primary section were held at.

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(1) Portable Toilets: These were . The Thirteenth Annual Sports Day of DPS, Durg was celebrated on 10 th December, amidst great mirth, verve and camaraderie Shri Dipanshu Kaabra, IPS, I.G.

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of Police was the Chief Guest. Present on the occasion, were Special Guest of Honour, Shri Vivek Varma, Pro-Vice Chairman, DPS Durg, Principal Mr. Jaya Prakash, Members of the PTA, Press. The 17th Annual Sports Meet of SPM School was organised on 14th and 15th December The sports events were distributed over two days giving scope to .

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