The dude as an anti hero of

I thought you were going to say We haven't even started yet, I'm just excited to see two crazy psycho killers fight each other! He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

The dude as an anti hero of

Nightingale Red X is out creating chaos again. But who is the great Red X when he's suddenly unmasked?


Read and Review, please! You'll make me happy. The word that prevents me from owning much but the idea. I'm in a Jason mood again. Sorry if there're any mistakes, just I was wanting something Teen Titans and Jason.

I thought you'd never show," "Man, you're like Robin's age!

The Anti-Hero

Raven floated beside the Boy Wonder with a signature frown. Starfire bared her teeth and Beast Boy finally ran in as a wolf, panting heavily. Gotta run," he held up the Xenothium supply he stole and hid it away. And all of that chaos somehow missed the Red X.

This'll take forever to get outta my hair!

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He did the same with Starfire and messed with Cyborg's electrical circuits before coming face-to-face with Robin.

X tilted his head, smirking underneath the mask. The Red X simply shifted to the left and caught the foot with a smug grasp, tossing him away against a crate.

The dude as an anti hero of

With a hop, he dashed for the exit. Red X skidded to a halt. You've saved me more than once and you've had proper training by someone good. Why do you insist on the life of crime? The old 'you-can-change' trick.

Clever," the anti-hero snorted. Robin shook his head.Tom Hardy is taking on the title role in a comic book movie for the first time with this fall’s Sony tentpole “Venom,” but it isn’t the first time the anti-hero has graced the big screen.

“Anti-hero” is a slippery, seemingly indefinable, designation. There are no set criteria for definitively determining a character’s anti-hero status, which is perhaps a part of the anti-hero’s enduring popularity.

14 of the Most Likable Anti-Heroes. What makes The Dude such a perfect anti-hero is his ability to succeed despite a total lack of ability, enthusiasm and only a modest intelligence. His ignoble goal is to replace a rug that was mistakenly urinated on, yet even this .

「E・HERO ネオス」+レベル4以下の効果モンスター このカードは融合召喚でしか特殊召喚できない。①:このカードの攻撃力は自分の墓地の「N」モンスター及び「HERO」モンスターの数×アップす . An Anti-Hero is the opposite of an Anti-Villain; while the anti-villain plays a villain's game, but for a noble cause, the anti-hero often fights on the side of good, but with selfish motives.

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