The life and career of anne moody

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The life and career of anne moody

Anne Moody, Mississipppi writer and civil rights activits

She overcomes obstacles such as discrimination and hunger as she struggles to survive childhood. The autobiography begins when Anne is four years old and portrays her life up to age twenty-four at the end of the book. As a very independent black woman with an abiding faith in God, Moody held her head high through her youthful trials and struggles.

Anne Moody was a very private individual, keeping her emotions within her heart and allowing few people to know her true feelings.

The withheld feelings often led to mental breakdowns. Young Moody was not searching for love because she could care less if she found a husband.

She had a personal mission throughout the entire book. She met and befriended many new and interesting people. Although friendly and compassionate, Anne was somewhat peculiar. The story of her young life keeps the reader wondering about the source of her strength and stamina as she stood up for the causes in which she believed.

As the story begins, Anne is a four-year-old child who watches her parents go to work everyday except Sunday for the man of the plantation. This young girl is innocent and naive, not seeing the bad things that are going on around her.


One day Cousin George, a mean-spirited character with other things on his mind, sets the house on fire and blames it on Anne. He leaves his family and his responsibilities for a life of uncontrolled sex, gambling, and alcohol. She was able to get a job in the city, and they moved with the help of other family members.

While living in town, her mother met a man named Raymond. Unfortunately, Anne and Raymond never got along, and they encountered major problems. As Anne entered high school, she was a good student, excelling in all her classes. She was also well-liked by her peers and had the honor of being crowned homecoming queen.

The life and career of anne moody

An outstanding athlete, she was a member of the basketball team and the tumbling team. Because of the problems between Anne and Raymond, Moody chose to move to Woodville to live with her father just before her senior year of high school.

Anne spent her summer vacations working in New Orleans and Baton Rouge where she lived with family members. Anne seemed to have few problems, but in reality, she had many deep-seated problems.

She wanted so badly to understand the discrimination of the era. She also wanted the killing and raping of her fellow black friends to stop. She was always able to contain and conceal her emotions because of the fear of what might happen to her. After high school Anne moved to Natchez where she entered college at Natchez Junior College on a basketball scholarship.

It was here at college that she encountered her first experiences with boys. The major conflict in this book is Anne versus herself and society because she struggles to change wrongs to rights. Anne struggled financially but managed to change some things at Natchez Junior College.

As Moody became consumed with her mission in life, she entered Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, to complete her college education. Tougaloo was an integrated college for blacks and whites although very few whites were in attendance.

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However, she did have white teachers who had come to the South from the northern states. Anne moved anywhere the CORE needed her. The work is written in first person point of view. The reader identifies with Anne because Moody helps them know exactly how she feels. The plot is mostly the internal struggle within Anne, but also deals, of course, with her conflict with the society of the time.

The setting is significant because it sets the mood for the entire book. The people in this story are real people who give the reader incite into how uncaring people can be or how people are just too scared to show they care.

However, the conflicts keep the story interesting to the reader. The title of this autobiography, Coming of Age in Mississippi explains what the book is about.Behind-the-scenes with illustrator Hillary Bott. Explore the prints of the STUDIO Anne Cole Resort and Spring collections.

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The life and career of anne moody

Tracy “would be very moody sometimes—the black Irish moods, you know,” Anne remarked to Tom Weaver. “Then at other times, he’d be extremely accessible—he’d sit and work on a scene with you, and go over and over and over the lines.

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