The pyramid principle logic in writing and thinking ebooking

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The pyramid principle logic in writing and thinking ebooking

A clear example of how even the best professional books age badly. I'm having a flurry of reading professional books right now. I can't read them all the time, so I swallow them in batches. And now it is the turn of the Pyramid Principle. For those who don't know The Pyramid Principle is one of the classic books of the consulting industry.

I first came across it over 25 years ago when I was working for the consultancy A. Whilst never exactly a fun read, it then seemed like goo Oh dear.

Whilst never exactly a fun read, it then seemed like good advice, well explained. It is essentially the book that defined the way that many of the strategy firms, like McKinsey, developed presentations and documents. At least they did. They may still do so, but fortunately I don't need to know that sort of thing anymore.

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The problem with the book is that reading it in it reads almost like something from the Victorian era. I exaggerate, but it just feels so old and ponderous. It was obviously written for the era of the typewriter and overhead projector.

You can't help thinking Barbara Minto should hire a modern author to give it a zippy overhaul and create a book about a third the length with more punch.

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Another problem is it is so self certain. It does not explain this as a way to write - but the one and only way to write, which I am little doubtful of. Reading the references is interesting, as Minto certainly picked some serious influences, including Wittgenstein, Chomsky, Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn.

The influence of Popper is evident. I was less clear about how the others had influenced her book. What is noticeable is there is no reference published afterand many are much older.

I know this book was first published in - but I have just read the " revised edition". The existence of any 21st century revisions is not evident. The reason I still give it 3 stars rather than less, is below the long winded style and outdated examples, is some seriously good advice about how to structure your thinking and your writing.

Good advice, that many modern pithy writers could heed, to make their writing clearer and have more impact.

the pyramid principle logic in writing and thinking ebooking

If you have the patience and stamina its worth the effort, but don't expect hours of fun.The ideas within the pyramid relate in a limited number of logical ways (up, down, and sideways), making it possible to define general rules about them.

Thus, the key to clear writing is to structure your thinking into a pyramid and check it against the rules before you begin to write%(4).


Launched in , is a popular ebook retailer hosting over a million unique ebooks. The Minto Pyramid Principle® Textbook The Minto Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing, Thinking and Problem Solving () explains a technique for working out your thinking on any subject, so that you can present it clearly to someone else.

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