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Thesis header hook

Table of Contents Section 1: This section serves as an introductory tutorial on four inference strategies: In this section, our goal is to help you reflect on your current approach to building students' inference skills in your classroom and to explain the Strategic Teacher approach to teaching inference.

In this section you will Draw on your past experiences with inference strategies. Explore the research, principles, and classroom phases behind four inference strategies.

Thesis header hook

Examine a range of classroom applications that demonstrate the different ways inference can be used to deepen student thinking. Experience a model lesson using the Inductive Learning strategy. Thesis header hook Get Started Imagine this: It's a huge red SUV, and it's moving quickly from lane to lane, cutting off vehicles left and right.

You, being the defensive driver that you are, know reckless driving when you see it and decide to move to the right lane and allow the SUV to pass.

The SUV barrels past you, and you breathe a sigh of relief. You may or may not be the kind of defensive driver described in this scenario, but we'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are. Part of what makes you a good driver is your ability to infer.

Inference is what thinking adds to what we know, read, or learn. Speaking scientifically, we might say that inferential thinking always involves gathering information, developing hypotheses, and drawing conclusions. Applied to our driving example, inference is at work as you, the driver, take in data there's an SUV behind me moving erratically ; make an assumption or a hypothesis based on that data that SUV is going to hit me if I stay in this lane ; test your hypothesis let's see what happens if I move into the right lane ; examine the results to confirm or refute your hypothesis the SUV didn't hit me, so it looks like I made the right choice ; and learn from the process if that happens again, I'll be sure to do the same thing.

As you can see, inference is a perfectly ordinary human capacity.

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But that doesn't mean it's easy for students to make inferences in school. In fact, many teachers identify inference as one of the most challenging of all academic skills to teach. They note that inference feels abstract and difficult to model, design lessons around, and assess.

But teach inference we must, because inference is a "foundational skill"—a prerequisite for higher-order thinking and 21st century skills Marzano, That's why inference and evidence gathering are both so prominent throughout the Common Core State Standards. So what does inference look like in the classroom?

What kinds of inferential thinking are required for success in school and beyond? Review the examples and respond to the questions that follow on page 5. Examples of Inference in the Classroom Overheard in Science Class All right, we've been studying sound for almost a week now.

Let's see if you can figure this one out: Since we obviously can't see around corners, why is it that we can hear around corners? How would you design a simple experiment to test your ideas?Thesis Header Hooks Thesis theme framework has been strongly build leaving many options to override default functions, we call these functions as thesis hooks.

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