Why the germans supported the nazi

The latter, adopted by Nazi propaganda as Drittes Reich, was first used in a book by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck. Adolf Hitler's rise to power Germany was known as the Weimar Republic during the years to It was a republic with a semi-presidential system.

Why the germans supported the nazi

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Unfortunately, the person that stepped up was a Nazi. Hitler was able to manipulate them into believing that the Jews were responsible for there downfall.

So they believed him and his propaganda. For the Germans it made sense and it helped them to rise into power again. Hitler was a man who offered the German people hope and a way out of the oppression and aftermath of WW1. He tapped into the already existent but subdued Anti-Semitism to create a scapegoat for the German people.

Someone they could blame for there troubles. There were several million at the height of power What is the German Nazi party? It was basically a socialist overthrow of the former government, and ended up being very aggressive in their demands for change in Germany.

As socialists, they wanted government control of much of the resources and businesses of Germany. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Why did germans support Hitler? - Instant Answer

Why did the Germans vote for the Nazi party? Germany was still suffering post-war problems such as political turmoil and economic depression and the Nazi party promised solutions to these problems. Why did the Nazi party discriminate against people? The Nazis were all about hate. The Nazi party in Germany, starting as early asdiscriminated against various people primarily because Adolf Hitler espoused in his book Mein Kampf My Struggle a belief in the innate superiority of "racially pure" Germans over other people the Nazis called Untermenschenor subhumans.

They included especially Jews, Gypsies RomaSlavic peoples, especially Russians, and many, many others. The logical conclusion of all this hatred was to kill the hated, and between andthey did; as many as they could lay their hands on.

But these ideas of "racial purity" were not new or even unique to the German people. One example is the caste system in India, which is not new or even unique to India!

Long before the rise of the Nazis there had been other political and social movements which promoted the idea that Germans and other "white" skinned Anglo-Saxon peoples were somehow racially superior Hitler was never able to understand why the Anglo-Saxon English did not throw in with him against the rest of the world since Hitler thought they were racially nearly identical to the Germans.

These hate-filled ideas fell on fertile soil elsewhere in Europe, and even in Britain and America. To this day there are neo-Nazi movements all over the world, including the United States.

It is perhaps too easy to dismiss the few brown-shirted jack-booted strutters as nut cases. But in Germany, the nut cases took over the whole nation and started the greatest war in history that ultimately cost the lives of perhaps as many as 60 million people, Germans included.

They had many hands and collaborators. The main thing is to remember what happened and try never to let it happen again, to anyone. Genocide happened before there ever was a Nazi party, and it is happening today, all around you. The solution lies within you.

There is no race but the Human Race.

Why the germans supported the nazi

And hatred, for any reason, has no place in it. We humans must have respect for all other humans, no matter our differences, and there are differences and sometimes they are strange and even frightening to us, yet we must respect and embrace them.

We are not afraid of things we understand. Just look at the murderous hatred of Sunni and Shia, both Muslim, both totally committed to hating one another to death, each accusing the other of "heresy.

The only ones who can do it are the Sunni and the Shia themselves. And what if they go on, and on?

Why do you think the Germans supported the Nazi ideology

Could it ever reach a point where there were only one of each left?Aug 20,  · -It has long intrigued me why the German people supported Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. After all, every schoolchild in America is taught that . Hope, desperation, brainwashing and peer pressure were major reasons why Germans supported the policies of Hitler.

Why the germans supported the nazi

For the most part, Germans hoped for a new leader to make their country great. Most Germans supported Hitler and the Nazis because, Hitler told them what they wanted and he gave them what they wanted. For some who wasn;t sure they were effected by propag anda then they. How well supported were the Nazis in the early 's?

Why were the Nazis popular in the early 's? Search. Which groups of people in Germany were most likely to vote for or join the Nazi the party? Nazi Germany (support for the Nazis/2) 8 terms.

Rahe,Mahan and Arthur (alternative research) 7 terms. Why Argentina Accepted Nazi War Criminals After World War II Share Flipboard Email Print Bettman History & Culture. Latin American History Before Columbus Wealthy Germans and Argentine businessmen of German descent were willing to pay the way for escaping Nazis.

Nazi leaders plundered untold millions from the Jews they murdered . Hope, desperation, brainwashing and peer pressure were major reasons why Germans supported the policies of Hitler.

For the most part, Germans hoped for a new leader to make their country great.

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